Prom Day


Hello everyone,

Before jumping straight into the pictures of my prom I want to share a few sentences about my life and why I’ve been absent. A lot has been happening in my life thus the huge absence of any posts and only a few updates on social medias. However, I graduated high school! It still seems strange to me thinking of it now, a few months later. In the past year I went through many things, it surely was a challenging time but I am glad to say I did well. I graduated with excellent results, I even managed to take my French and German exams.
Now there’s a new chapter of my life starting: University. I was accepted in university in London and from October on I will be studying Graphic Design. I cannot explain how excited I am for this journey! So, as I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to spend the next 3 years of my life in this amazing city I would profit as much as possible and do my best to create new blog posts.
With all that being said, I will quit the boring talks and show you my prom dress!


As for any other girl out there, prom was a huge day for me. And not only because of the fancy dress or make up, mostly because I was surrounded by my family and friends and I could be under the spotlight. The dress I chose is a pink long dress and it is actually my very first time wearing a dress this lenght so I was excited about it even more! As for shoes I opted for these white comfortable ones and I managed to even dance with those.DSC05564DSC05513DSC05515DSC05499

It surely was a day to remember. It is needless to say I felt like a princess in my pink dress. Me and my mum actually created the pink bow on the back and attached it onto the dress so my dress was surely unique.
Thanks to my loved ones as well as my classmates I was able to create so many great memories in it. As of now it will surely stay put in my wardrobe but I’m glad I’ll be keeping it as it brings a big smile on my face every time I see it.

Do you like my prom dress? What was your prom night like? I would like to read that in the comments~




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