Skirt Lookbook

Hi everyone!
I’m back with another video and this time it’s all about skirts. I personally find skirts really difficult to pair so this video is very helpful for me as well. When struggling to find what to wear I always open youtube in search of some inspiration. This is why I am hoping to become a source of inspiration for all of you too! You can watch the video here!
Here is the first look I included in the video!

It’s a sporty one with a mix of girly vibes which pretty much represents what I go for in my everyday style! I hope you enjoyed the video and this short post and I’ll see you in my next one!


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Christmas + video

dsc00116Hello loves!
First of all, Merry Christmas! Have a lovely warm time filled with smiles and coziness!
There isn’t much snow in my town sadly, but it’s better than nothing. My day today was filled with walks, shopping that I spent with some really lovely people, wrapping up dozens of gifts for my entire family and of course..cold! But the Christmas magic filled the air through all these activities.I very much wish it was just as lovely for you as well!
On another note, my second video is up! I chose to post it on Christmas just because that’s a tiny gift I could give you all. It consists of 3 outfits and a lot of hard work! Here’s the link for it.
Once again have a very Merry Christmas and I will see you soon in my next post! Bye!

Весела Коледа на всички! Пожелавам ви топло и щастливо време, пълно с усмивки и много поводи за радост!
В моето градче почти няма никакъв сняг, но няма да се оплаквам. Денят ми днес беше изпълнен с разходки с любими хора, коледно пазаруване и часове опаковане на подаръци, и разбира се..студ! Но Коледната магия беше във въздуха. Надявам се, че вашия ден е бил поне толкова прекрасен!
От друга страна, днес излезе второто ми видео. Причината, поради която го публикувах именно днес е че това е моят мъничък подарък за всекого от вас! Състои се от 3 тоалета и много много труд! Ето го и линкът.
Още веднъж, Весела Коледа и ще ви видя в следващия ми пост.


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