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Hi everyone!
I’m back with another video and this time it’s all about skirts. I personally find skirts really difficult to pair so this video is very helpful for me as well. When struggling to find what to wear I always open youtube in search of some inspiration. This is why I am hoping to become a source of inspiration for all of you too! You can watch the video here!
Here is the first look I included in the video!

It’s a sporty one with a mix of girly vibes which pretty much represents what I go for in my everyday style! I hope you enjoyed the video and this short post and I’ll see you in my next one!


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Purple with a heart

Hello loves!
Skirt and cardigan combo has always been my fave and I do wear it quite often (sometimes even too often). Therefore I love experimenting with the colours I use for one such outfit. For this one I played around with blue, black and purple, letting the purple cardigan be the highlight. The cute lace on it makes me love it even more. For some details I added a cute choker with a tiny heart, and I chose a crop top to make the look a tiny bit more interesting and summer-like (because who doesn’t like summer looks?).
Комбинацията на пола с жилетка винаги ми е била фаворит и понякога разчитам на нея твърде често. Освен всичко, обичам да експериментирам с близки цветове, за да направя тоалета си по-интересен и “сглобен”. За този случай, лилаво, синьо и черно ми се сториха перфектни, като акцента падна върху жилетката. Сладките детайли по нея, както и choker-а с мъничко сърчице, свършиха чудесна работа за разнообразяване на outfit-а, а късата блузка допринесе за малко лятно настроение. 🙂
(I will forever like the pictures on which my eyes are closed more than the rest…)

crop top- atmosphere

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Red wine

Good morning everyone!
How have you been? I’ve been experimenting with my style quite a lot recently and I’m happy to say I found many new things I’d like to wear and I’ve been challenging myself to try out new types of clothing. Such as this blouse. It’s so lovely and flowy! Its rich colour matched perfectly with black so I went for black shorts with lace on the ends as well as black comfy boots with some silver details. I finished the look with a tiny brown bag. I just love how pretty the sleeves of this blouse are! And even if you can’t see it, the back of it it’s quite opened, which just ads to the cuteness.
Добро утро!
Напоследък експериментирам доста със стила си и намирам много различни видове дрехи, които преди трудно бих била достатъчно смела да облека. Както тази блуза. Обожавам я, защото е толкова лека, а ръкавите й са най-хубавата част! Въпреки че не се вижда на снимките, гърбът й е отворен, което я прави още по-невероятна. Подобен цвят обичам да съчетавам най-вече с черно, затова избрах черни къси панталонки с дантела по краищата на крачолите. За да завърша outfit -а, добавих малка кафява чантичка и едни от любимите ми черни боти.
I hope you’ll have a beautiful day and I’ll see you guys soon!

blouse- Hey Hey
boots- Tendenz

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Photos by Michail Bratanov
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3 different ways to look cute in a white-pink outfit -Part 1-

Hi everyone!
As I’ve already mentioned before, I’ll try to give you 3 ways of how to style particular colours, clothes, etc and this is August edition 🙂 This way I’d want to inspire you in some way and of course, to hopefully make your day a tiny bit better! 🙂
For this month’s ‘how to style’ I chose the colours pink and white because I find myself wearing mostly darker colours and…It’s summer now! The most colourful season in the year! What better time to pop in some colour. It’s certainly guaranteed that it will better your mood too!
So without further due, here’s outfit one!



White shirt, pink shorts and white sneakers! What more do you need for an outfit. The importance lays on the details. The lace on the shirt as well as the interesting back of it makes the whole outfit much more cuter and complex than if I wore a normal shirt. What I love about this one is of course the cute collar which is absolutely essential (for me) for every shirt look I have. What is more, this one looks so cute and it’s light which makes it perfect for summer time! However, a whole white outfit can hardly look interesting. This is why, profit of any sort of colourful shorts/jeans you have that allow the lace/interesting part of the shirt show!  This way not only will you look put together, but you will also feel amazing while wearing an overall simple and absolutely comfy look! 🙂 Of course, one should not forget the white bag, which I adore as it looks so classy!
Бяла риза, розови къси панталонки и кецове! Какво повече ти е нужно за един outfit. Важни са детайлите! Дантелата по ризата, както и прозрачната част на гърба са именно това, което привлича окото и прави визията далеч по-интересна. Любимата ми част е разбира се якичката на ризата. Изцяло бял outfit трудно би изглеждал много интересно. Поради тази причина се възползвайте от чифт от цветните си къси панталонки/дънки, така че те да помогнат на детайлите на ризата да изпъкнат, като същевременно внасят цвят и настроение!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you later this week! ❤️

bag- Bershka
sneakers- Vans

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Photos by Michail Bratanov
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Hi everyone!
I’ve been wearing mostly shorts and jeans lately so as I finally convinced myself to wear a skirt! I’ve always loved the combination of a black outfit with one of the pieces being in a different colour in order to collect all the attention, so here the highlight goes onto my skirt. These types of skirts have always reminded me of Japanese uniforms so I profit of that to tie a tiny ball on top of my hair 😀
Overall, I styled a simple black blouse with cute lace on the bottom, a choker with a tiny heart, my skirt, some boots and a black backpack!
See you in my next post! Till then, have a beautiful day!

blouse- Bershka
skirt- Sisley
boots- Tendenz
bag- Tenri’s
choker and bracelet-by me

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Photos by Michail Bratanov 💖
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