Monochrome Look -1-

dsc04232Hi loves,
How have you been? This month has been full of happiness for me! Starting with my 18th Birthday, perfectly spent Valentine’s Day as well as an amazing 2 year anniversary with my incredible boyfriend. Now not only do I have super awesome upcoming plans and tons (I mean TONS) of motivation but I am also filled with lots of love for the world.On top of all, I even filmed a whole video last week and now it’s slowly turning into something watchable! So,this post is all about one of those outfits that are included in my next video!

As I’ve mentioned many times, I really love monochrome outfits, they allow me to really put the emphasis on one particular part of the outfit and let it shine. What I probably love just as much are over the knee boots! They make each and every outfit chic and extra comfy! The top is a recent amazing find I got in a trift store and the cardigan is super fluffy and comfy. With that said, I will leave you to enjoy the photos! Have a lovely day and I’ll see you in my next post!


boots- Christhelen B
jeans- cropped by me
sweather- really fluffy (can’t remember from where)


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Purple with a heart

Hello loves!
Skirt and cardigan combo has always been my fave and I do wear it quite often (sometimes even too often). Therefore I love experimenting with the colours I use for one such outfit. For this one I played around with blue, black and purple, letting the purple cardigan be the highlight. The cute lace on it makes me love it even more. For some details I added a cute choker with a tiny heart, and I chose a crop top to make the look a tiny bit more interesting and summer-like (because who doesn’t like summer looks?).
Комбинацията на пола с жилетка винаги ми е била фаворит и понякога разчитам на нея твърде често. Освен всичко, обичам да експериментирам с близки цветове, за да направя тоалета си по-интересен и “сглобен”. За този случай, лилаво, синьо и черно ми се сториха перфектни, като акцента падна върху жилетката. Сладките детайли по нея, както и choker-а с мъничко сърчице, свършиха чудесна работа за разнообразяване на outfit-а, а късата блузка допринесе за малко лятно настроение. 🙂
(I will forever like the pictures on which my eyes are closed more than the rest…)

crop top- atmosphere

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