18 candles


Hello everyone!
It’s my 18th Birthday today (2nd Feb)!! So excited about this day and what will come after it! On another note, it’s been so long since my last outfit update so I decided it’s about time to finally fix that. As it’s a special day today, I won’t annoy you with my usual outfit description but instead I will share with you my 18 birthday wishes!

  1. Being more positive.
  2. Loving the small things in life.
  3. Being more persistent and hardworking.
  4. Getting perfect grades everywhere (lol)
  5. Leaving more time to make videos.
  6. Spending more time in my blog (obviously something I should work on)
  7. Visiting at least 2 new places this year
  8. Smiling more
  9. Hugs
  10. Seing the good over the bad.
  11. Being more brave
  12. And less shy
  13. And more confident
  14. And maybe a bit less serious and bossy at times
  15. Spending amazing time with my amazing boyfriend and family
  16. Making this blog and youtube work
  17. Being proud of my work
  18. And last but not least, living this year to the fullest because you’re only 18 once!


I hope these 18 different thoughts made you feel a bit more positive! Smile once for me! See you in my next post!



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Getting started


Hi everyone,
I hope you are all well.
When it comes to fashion, I’ve always believed it’s a way for you to showcase the way you feel. Whether you’re happy, tired, sad, not in the mood etc, fashion is a way to express that. I personally have always dressed in a way that when people see me, they would know what’s going on with me. An all black outfit with messy hair and just a bit of makeup- busy or late so went for all black in order to still look put together. Dress or skirt- in the mood so doing my best to look good. Fashion is such a colourful and interestinfg thing to observe and one can learn tons about the others just by the way they are dressed. Having said all of that, I will show you how I felt that particular day, with this simple outfit. 🙂
As I wanted to wear this black dress with a tiny bit of lace details on the front, but not to be cold I paired it with this woolen scarf which has some great autumn colours in it. For some further accessories I added a black hat, a DIY bracelet and a chocker. To keep the look on the elegant style I wore some high heels.
Когато става въпрос за мода, винаги съм смятала, че това е начинът да покажеш как се чувстваш в този момент. Дали си щастлив, тъжен, уморен или в настроение, начина по който си облечен може перфектно да го изобрази. Изцяло черен outfit би означавал, че си се събудил късно и си разчитал на черното като винаги правилна комбинация. Рокля или пола пък би значела, че си отделила време да се нагласиш за деня. Модата е един толкова пъстър и интересен свят, в който ти трябва само един поглед, за да си изградиш първоначална представа. Ето и как аз се чувстам, носейки този outfit 🙂
Черна рокля през есента е трудно осъществимо, без някакъв ефект или поне нещо, което да те топли. Ето защо избрах този вълнен шал, който освен всичко е в красиви есенни цветове. За акцент използвах черна шапка, DIY гривна, chocker и за да запазя тоалета си елегантен- чифт високи обувки.


scarf- my mum’s
bracelet- DIY
choker- DIY
shoes- Rock Republic


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