Feels good to be back

DSC04778Hello everyone!
After a suuuuper long hiatus I’m finally back on here. Summer was crazy and now there’s last year of high school awaiting *finals alert*. It’s both scary and exciting at the same time!
As I already figured out, the best way to unwind in between studying is to take some time for myself and work on my blog and videos! (Which you can check at my youtube channel.)
This is why I spent some amazing couple of hours outside to take a couple of pictures of an outfit I’ll share with you guys right now!


This outfit has been my go-to these last days. Maybe because it’s both girly but still casual and classy at the same time. The blazer is from Atmosphere (one of the favourite things I got from my trip to London couple of months ago. You can check everything I got here), the top and skirt are both trifted from some time ago, shoes are my so frequently used boots from H&M in brown!
That’s all from me for now! I can promise I’ll definitely be more active here for the future and I can’t wait to show you all the projects I have planned! Beyond excited!

top- trifted
skirt- trifted
blazer- Atmosphere
boots- H&M


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Monochrome Look -2-


Hi there guys!
As some of you may already know, my Monochrome Video is out in YouTube! Feel free to check it out here.
As for this outfit, I went for some older vibes for a classy look. The highlight were of course my gorgeous boots that can make any outfit 10 times better. For some colour I added this super cute champagne lace skirt and a velvet top. To finish everything off I combined it with my new blazer which is my new obsession.A necklace for some details and here you are, a classy monochrome look!


I really hope you enjoyed this video and found some inspiration for your everyday style! See you in my next post!

boots- Italia
skirt- H&M
top and blazer- trifted


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A bit of pink never hurt anyone


Hi everyone!
Here’s a new look from me. This past week has been amazing and I’m leaving for Budapest tonight! Can’t be more excited! How have you been?
When it comes to this outfit, what I love about it are the colours. I was a bit sceptical whether I’ll be able to wear this pink blazer with a dress like this because it might have looked a bit too colourful but I loved the way it turned out! This shell inspired bag is absolutely gorgeous and matched perfectly with my outfit! And when it comes to the shoes- nude colours are perfect for any sort of outfit and I love these mainly because of the around-the-ankles details.
I hope you enjoyed this outfit and I’ll be more than happy to hear your thoughts about it! I am also planning on starting a youtube channel in the near future and I’m already preparing for it (super excited!). Does any of you have a youtube channel? I’d love to visit it!

Ето и нов outfit от мен. Изминалата седмица беше повече от невероятна, а аз пътувам за Будапеща тази вечер! Нямам търпение!
Говорейки за outfit-а, нещото, което обожавам относно него е цветовата комбинация. Бях доста скептична дали розовото на сакото ще пасне на цветовете по роклята, тъй като ми изглеждаше твърде шарено, но в крайна сметка ми хареса! Мидената чантичка е супер сладка и пасна перфектно на целия outfit. Относно обувките, телесния цвят е перфектен за всеки тоалет и както вече съм споменавала, каишките им са най-любимата ми част.
Надявам се, че този outfit ви е харесал и ще съм повече от щастлива да чуя мнението ви! Освен това скоро ще започна и собствен  youtube канал (нямам търпение!). Ако някой от вас има, бих се радвала да го посетя!

dress- Forever21
bag- Atmosphere
blazer- Korea

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Keep looking


Hi everyone and happy September!
Despite the fact that school is starting soon I am more than excited for September! My summer isn’t over yet with a trip to Budaparest coming in a couple of days as well as a few more exciting things to come! Today’s weather is just gorgeous but unfortunately my plans to go out for some jogging were ruined due to the fact that it’s already noon lol..But anyway, here is today’s outfit!
I was ( and still am) in the mood for a skirt outfit and this is why I paired this cute grey skirt with a beige blouse with gorgeous details. Everything about this blouse says it’s expensive but in reality that’s not true. It’s just that such materials always leave such impression. Moving on to the heels- the ones from my “Serious” post, they are simply one of the comfiest pair I own and always bring a cool feeling to the outfit. To finish it off, I wore this amazing blazer, which not only adds some colour but it also brings all the attention to it.
Честит септември!
Въпреки че училище наближава, нямам търпение за септември! Моето лято не е свършило все още, тъй като след няколко дни пътувам за Будапеща! Времето днес е перфектно, но за съжаление плановете ми да бягам в парка с приятеля ми се провалиха, тъй като вече е обед…Както и да е, ето го днешния outfit!
Тази сутрин се събудих в настроение за тоалет с пола и ето защо съчетах тази сива пола с бежава блуза с разкошни детайли по нея. Тя ми напомня на много скъпа дреха, а в действителност изобщо не е такава. Просто материята й винаги оставя такова впечатление. Относно обувките- които може да видите и в един от последните ми постове, те са не само едни от най-удобните чифтове, които притежавам, но и винаги внясят интересна нотка в outfit-а. За да завърша, облякох това невероятно сако, което не само добавя цвят към монотонния outfit, но и събира погледа на него.DSC03139DSC03140DSC03147DSC03160DSC03135
skirt- Axara
shoes- Rock Republic
blazer- Elisabetta Franchi

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Hi everyone!
How have you been? I’m currently in the mountains and the weather here is absolutely different than in the town. So here’s an outfit from the warm days of last week. I honestly love this dress. Apart from the gorgeous details and the eye-catching colour I adore the mesh part on the sleeves and how it looks classy and chic at the same time. And now moving to the shoes- I’ve never really worn such model before but I love it! It is absolutely perfect for more serious occasions or an outfit I want to turn into a serious look.
В момента съм в Рила планина и времето тук е напълно различно от това в града- чист въздух и уникална природа. Ето един outfit от топлите дни на миналата седмица. Обожавам тази рокля. Освен красивите й детайли и хващащия окото червен цвят, обичам и mesh-частта по ръкавите и как изглежда официална и шик едновременно. А относно обувките- досега не съм носила подобен модел, но изобщо не съм разочарована. Перфектни са и за по-сериозни събития или outfit, който бих желала да превърна в официален.

dress- unknown
shoes-Rock Republic
blazer- Chocolate
bag- Puccini

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Photos by Michail Bratanov
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3 different ways to rock shorts [Part 2]

Hi again 💖
Here’s the second post about how to style shorts. One of the reasons why I love fashion, and styling in particular, is the fact that it gives me the ability to show my personality, my taste and my mood at that exact moment! (I always wear black clothes to school 😀 )
So without further due let’s go straight to the second outfit!


While thinking of how to style my shorts I wanted to have a more girlier outfit for the times when I go on a date, or I just walk around with my girlfriends. So I chose to wear a light black top, a light gentle necklace, a cute black blazer for the chillier hours of the day and of course- some beige high heels, which in fact are super comfortable! As I went for coffee right after, I was carrying a grey wallet which made the outfit look complete and put-together. All in all, you can wear this anytime and for almost any occasion and you are guaranteed to look cute 😉

– excuse my half-closed eyes, it was really sunny 😀 –


I hope you found this post helpful and I’ll see you soon for Part 3!💖

top- H&M
shorts- cropped by me
necklace-by me
heels- Tendenz

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Photos by Michail Bratanov 💖
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