Feels good to be back

DSC04778Hello everyone!
After a suuuuper long hiatus I’m finally back on here. Summer was crazy and now there’s last year of high school awaiting *finals alert*. It’s both scary and exciting at the same time!
As I already figured out, the best way to unwind in between studying is to take some time for myself and work on my blog and videos! (Which you can check at my youtube channel.)
This is why I spent some amazing couple of hours outside to take a couple of pictures of an outfit I’ll share with you guys right now!


This outfit has been my go-to these last days. Maybe because it’s both girly but still casual and classy at the same time. The blazer is from Atmosphere (one of the favourite things I got from my trip to London couple of months ago. You can check everything I got here), the top and skirt are both trifted from some time ago, shoes are my so frequently used boots from H&M in brown!
That’s all from me for now! I can promise I’ll definitely be more active here for the future and I can’t wait to show you all the projects I have planned! Beyond excited!

top- trifted
skirt- trifted
blazer- Atmosphere
boots- H&M


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Purple with a heart

Hello loves!
Skirt and cardigan combo has always been my fave and I do wear it quite often (sometimes even too often). Therefore I love experimenting with the colours I use for one such outfit. For this one I played around with blue, black and purple, letting the purple cardigan be the highlight. The cute lace on it makes me love it even more. For some details I added a cute choker with a tiny heart, and I chose a crop top to make the look a tiny bit more interesting and summer-like (because who doesn’t like summer looks?).
Комбинацията на пола с жилетка винаги ми е била фаворит и понякога разчитам на нея твърде често. Освен всичко, обичам да експериментирам с близки цветове, за да направя тоалета си по-интересен и “сглобен”. За този случай, лилаво, синьо и черно ми се сториха перфектни, като акцента падна върху жилетката. Сладките детайли по нея, както и choker-а с мъничко сърчице, свършиха чудесна работа за разнообразяване на outfit-а, а късата блузка допринесе за малко лятно настроение. 🙂
(I will forever like the pictures on which my eyes are closed more than the rest…)

crop top- atmosphere

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