Striping my way through


Hi everyone!
I woke up this morning with an idea of what I want to wear today and luckily I found the perfect pieces in my wardrobe! I personally adore such black tops, as they are suitable for so many different outfits! Whether a skirt, or jeans, or shorts- they are the perfect choice. And this black one is just so pretty. I don’t think I can call it a bralette but it’s really similar and I just love the flowers on it as well as the stripes on the back! They make the whole look much more feminine and girly. What I love as well is the skirt, as it has really cute stripes that add colour to my outfit. I matched this with my comfy  boots and a black bag, and I threw on a black cardigan for the early morning hours.
Тази сутрин се събудих с идея какво точно искам да облека и за щастие намерих перфектните дрехи в гардероба си. Обожавам къси горнища, особено когато са черни, а най-вече, когато имат кръстосани презрамки и бели цветя по тях (а.к.а обожавам това горнище 😀 ). Нежен outfit, който е идеален за среща или просто разходка из парка. За да ми е удобно, обух едни от любимите си черни боти, и жилетка за сутрешните часове.


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