Dolled up


How have you been? I’m so excited!! My boyfriend is coming in just a few days! (We are in ldr). This is why I’m currently trying to find as many cute and girly outfits as I can so that I can wear them with him. This dress is absolutely gorgeous. As I’ve said before, I have big love for polka dots, and this dress is even lovelier as it has a cute white collar to add to the cuteness! Despite the fact that it’s a bit too baggy, it has a tiny belt so i can make it tighter around the waist. I really love it and it makes me feel like a doll while wearing it. I wanted an ellegant look which is why I styled it with my grey high heels and this super adorable bag that has these silverish details on it! A perfect date look if you ask me 🙂
Тъй като приятеля ми пристига след няколко дена (нямам търпение!!), в момента се опитвам да намеря възможно най-много сладки outfit-и, за да мога да ги нося с него. А тази рокля определено е от тях. Както съм споменавала множество пъти, този десен ми е абсолютно любим, а якичката допринася много за това. Въпреки че роклята ми е малко широка, използвам колана й за да я направя перфектна за мен. Съчетано с любимите ми сиви обувки и ефектна чанта, прави страхотен outfit за среща! 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a lovely weekend!

dress- New Look

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5 thoughts on “Dolled up

  1. this is so beautiful! and congrats on maintaining an ldr – i hope you guys have an amazing time together ❤ ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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