Lace and flowers


Hi loves,
Have have you all been? I’m currently studying sooo hard, as my exam is approaching T T This is why, taking pics of my outfits is a fun thing to do throughout my day! Details are everything for this one- the lace on the top as well as the tiny flowers on the skirt. I love this sort of skirts as they are so easy to style. At first I though that as this is a white one it will actually be difficult to match but thankfully I turned out to be wrong. I love simplicity and this is exactly what this outfit is! To finish the look I added one of my favourite necklaces and a silverish bracelet as they matched well with the tiny buttons on the skirt! And of course, bag and high heels (which I adore! ). 🙂
В момента уча през повечето време за предстоящия ми изпит, затова обожавам времето прекарано навън, в което снимам за блога си. Детайлите са едно от най-важните неща за един outfit, а този е съставен от множество такива- дантелата на потника, както и мъничките цветя по полата. Обичам изчистения стил, а днешния outfit е именно такъв. За да завърша визията си, добавих едно от любимите си колиета, както и сладка сребриста гривна. Разбира се, чантата и високи обувки (които обожавам!). 🙂

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you soon! Have a fantastic day!❤️

necklace and bracelet- by me

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Photos by Michail Bratanov
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