Hi everyone!
I’ve been wearing mostly shorts and jeans lately so as I finally convinced myself to wear a skirt! I’ve always loved the combination of a black outfit with one of the pieces being in a different colour in order to collect all the attention, so here the highlight goes onto my skirt. These types of skirts have always reminded me of Japanese uniforms so I profit of that to tie a tiny ball on top of my hair 😀
Overall, I styled a simple black blouse with cute lace on the bottom, a choker with a tiny heart, my skirt, some boots and a black backpack!
See you in my next post! Till then, have a beautiful day!

blouse- Bershka
skirt- Sisley
boots- Tendenz
bag- Tenri’s
choker and bracelet-by me

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Photos by Michail Bratanov 💖
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