3 different ways to rock shorts [Part 1]

Hi guys💖

Have you ever struggled with finding what to wear? Wanting to wear shorts or a dress or some particular colour but you don’t know how to style it? Whether to be cute or girly or simply casual? I tend to struggle with that a lot, but you don’t have to! Because…I am here to help you! Hehe 🙂

As it’s summer time, it is obviously shorts time as well! Shorts are not the most appropriate clothing to wear usually as they are seen as too revealing, but this shouldn’t stop you from looking fashionable in them! So let’s see 3 different ways to rock those shorts’outfits!
In this post I’ll share with you one of them, so stay tuned for the rest! 💖


For this first look I wanted to look a bit more serious, to make it look a bit more work-appropriate. This is why I chose to wear a black shirt, one of my favourite black blazers, simple comfy sandals (even if I’m anything but a sandal person, I still wear them from time to time!), a bold necklace and a matching to the sandals bag! You can walk around the town, have walks, go shopping and practically anything while wearing this outfit! Not only do you look effortless, but you will also look really stylish and put-together!


I really hope you enjoyed this post! See you later this week for Part 2! You can expect a similar post once or twice a month, so if you wonder about a particular type of clothing feel free to suggest it in the comments bellow and I’ll do my best to show you my answer!
Keep smiling!💖

shorts- cropped by me
shirt- H&M
necklace- by me

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Photos by Michail Bratanov 💖
©2016 BALL-OF-FLUFF.COM All rights reserved


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