Sand fest


Hi everyone!❤️

Today I went to the Ruse Sand Fest (Ruse is the name of my town). It’s an annual  event and it’s the second time it is held here. Both international and bulgarian artists worked on their sand figures for the period of 10 days! This year’s winner is the french sculpteur Dutherage Benoit!
I decided to profit of the nice weather this morning and to pay a visit to the figures. 🙂 I’m wearing a long blouse with black shorts underneath (which you can hardly see 😀 ), my comfy black boots as I had to walk a lot, and a simple necklace 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this post! I’ll see you in my next one, bye!❤️
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boots- Tendenz
necklace- by me

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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