Stockings in the early morning


Hi everyone! I’m officially done with this school year! Holidaysssss ❤️
I decided to celebrate that with this new outfit! ❤️
Burgundy is the colour that suits black the best! This is why I paired my black skirt with this top and I tied it on the front. I wanted to make the outfit a bit more interesting so I added a pair of stockings with my black boots so that they gave the impression of over the knee boots (that I’m currently looking for, I’ve wanted to have one for the longest time! If any of you have any suggestions, please share in the comments 🙂 )


I added a bracelet, a necklace and my black bag to finish the look! I hope you enjoyed it ❤️ See you in my next one ❤️

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skirt- Kai
top- H&M
bracelet and necklace- by me

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Candy bubbles


Hi guys ❤︎

Here’s a new quick look for you ❤︎ The weather in Bulgaria right now is extremely hot so shorts are essentials! This shirt however is so light that it’s great for summer time as well 🙂 I paired this outfit with my black sneakers and one of my favourite necklaces.


I hope you enjoyed it ❤︎ See you next time ❤︎


shirt- Mango

sneakers- H&M

necklaces- by me

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Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Hi ❤️

Here’s another cardigan-dress outfit but in two of my favourite colours 🙂

This oversized sweather is extremely cute and it makes me feel like a cute little bear for some reason 😀  I really like the way dark-blue combines with brown so I chose to wear my brown boots as well 🙂 The motives on the dress give it a bit of a bohemian look which I find extremely pretty!


See you soon, everyone ❤️ Till then, have a beautiful weekend! ❤️


dress-Fat Face

boots- H&M

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Hi there❤️

Here’s a combination I’ve been loving lately. Cardigans are the best way to stay covered in those cases your dress is a bit too revealing, or just to add some more detail to a rather boring outfit. So here’s my way to style this mint dress 🙂

It’s up to you to choose the shoes, whether you want to look more edgy or a bit more feminine. So for me I chose my high ankle boots in order to put the emphasis on the colour of my dress 🙂 I wore a simple necklace and bracelet and a black bag.


This is all for now, soon I’ll be able to post more regularly as school is almost over! ❤️ I hope you enjoyed this look and I’ll see you for my next one❤️


dress- H&M

boots- H&M

necklace and bracelet- by me

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Hi all!!❤️

School is going to end sooooon and I seriously can’t wait anymore 😀 It’s so warm here already that skirt are absolutely essential if you want to survive the heat 😀

What I love about this look is how simple yet cute it looks and it takes 2 minutes to style it. The skirt is one of my absolute favourites because despite no one can notice it, it has shorts underneath so I don’t have to worry about it while walking or sitting. The ornaments of this mesh top is what I really like about it. When I found this white bag and bought it was more of an on the spur of the moment decision as I usually go for dark ones, but hey, it’s bright and fresh so perfect for summertime 🙂



I hope you enjoyed this look! See you soon ❤️


sneakers- Vans

bag- Bershka

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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I’ll show you



I haven’t posted for a while because I have my finals now and it’s sooo stressful 😦 But! Only 4 weeks left of school and I’ll be free~~

About the outfit, this beige top is so light and cute which makes it perfect for summer time when the weather is unbearably hot 😀 I have this shorts for the longest time and they are even starting to be too big for me but I love them and they matched perfectly with this top! My forever favourite boots and a beige bag and I’m ready to go 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this post! See you in my next one~! ❤️



boots- H&M

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Black & Gold



Here’s officially summer!!  Which means tons and tons of dresses (and I have so many of them! 😀 ). This one is one of my current favourites! I have this thing for black dresses but they tend to be a bit boring and cliché nowadays! This one however has tiny gold stripes and figures and mesh-like sleeves which make it perfect!


What I love the most about it, however, is for sure its’ back! It’s really cropped but without revealing too much! Here again I have my favourite H&M boots in black!DSC09972DSC09974

I hope you enjoyed this outfit! See you soon! ❤️



boots- H&M

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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