Heyooo ❤️

Here’s another sunny shot I took a few days ago! Sadly now it’s so gloomy T T

I hope this post will brighten up your day! 🙂


This black romper is my boyfriend’s favourite so I never miss an oppurtunity to wear it ❤️ I styled it up with my favourite boots, a shirt and a cute silverish necklace I made myself! 🙂 I will be making a whole post about my necklaces soon so stay tuned 🙂DSC09323DSC09357DSC09341DSC09347

That’s all for now~ See you in my next one! ❤️


romper- Topshop

boots- H&M

necklace- by me

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Picnic Date



I have to stay inside today because it’s raining soo heavily here and I’m daydreaming about a picnic! So here’s a cute outfit I’d totally wear for such occasion (matching the picnic blanket 😀 )❤️


A short dress and a light cardigan, sneakers for comfiness and a cute necklace and I’m ready to go out 🙂 Someone should bring some food though! Hehe ❤️

See you in my next post~ Bye ❤️

necklace-by me

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️
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Hi there❤️

Summer is knocking on the door so here’s a really summerish outfit for you all! ❤️


There’s honestly nothing better than a dress! So effortless! I’ve been wearing these boots non stop recently so all my other pairs of shoes are being forgotten now haha (I’m sorry you all T T) Anyway, my love for these is endless ❤️DSC09641DSC09649

The end of school is approaching soon and I’m soooo excited! Can’t wait for it to be over so I can take more pictures and have time to show you even more outfits! ❤️ Come soon july!


boots- H&M

dress- from a small shop I don’t remember the name of

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Hi there ❤️

Here’s a cute little look I wore today! Apparently (according to my boyfriend) I look like a mushroom 😀 (I hope this is a good thing! 😀 )

The weather here is just perfect these last few days- neither too warm nor too cold so I decided to profit of it to show this cute top to the world .(it stayed forgotten in my wardrobe for years! 😦 ) DSC09481DSC09459DSC09489painted

Later that day when I passed next to one school on my way home one cute girl told me hi and waved at me in such a cute way! When I waved back she told me I was looking really pretty ❤️ This surely made my day so I’ll be smiling a lot now 🙂 I hope you guys are smiling too right now! If not- SMILE! ❤️DSC09457

See you next time! ❤️


sneakers- H&M

necklace- by me

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Your perfect girl


Hi there!

Did I ever mention I have a huge collection of dresses? If not, you will find it out yourselves soon 😀

Here’s a light floralish one. I find its’ size absolutely perfect and the print makes my figure look slimmer 🙂



A bit of accessories, leather jacket if the weather is chilly, high heels and a bag and the outfit is completed! ❤️ See you in my next post! ❤️



dress- H&M

leather jacket- April Evil

high heels- Tendenz

bag- Pieces

necklaces- by me

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

©2016 BALL-OF-FLUFF.COM All rights reserved

Stay cute


Hi you all!❤️

For this look I combined this cute skirt that I got from one small shop while in Rome, and a simple off-shoulder black blouse.DSC09038DSC09048

My favourite black boots didn’t fail me again, making the outfit looks complete, together with this black gorgeous bag! I just love it ❤️

See you guys next time! ❤️DSC09052DSC09020




boots- Tendenz

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Festive flowers


Bonjour ❤️

As the weather in my town is so gloomy right now, here are some sunny snaps we took a couple of days ago! I live in a town right next to the Danube so we have a wonderful view over here 🙂 This boat behind me is actually a restaurant! (The food there is mouthwatering!!!)

I love wearing one-piece clothes as there’s nothing easier to style! This flowerish one is one of my favourites! The colours on it are catching the eyes just enough but I put one of my favourite necklaces (that me and my mum made ourselves) on just to make the look a bit more interesting. 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this one! Let me know what do you think of it! ❤️ See you soon!❤️


one-piece- xxi

sneakers- Vans

necklace- by me

Photos: by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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