Mixed vibes


Hi ❤️

I have this striped skirt for the longest time but never actually worn it, so I decided it’s too much of a pity and I styled it up with this gorgeous orange top. The sleeves and the whole texture make it perfect for adding some colour to any outfit.DSC08751

I added a simple necklace and a bag to finish everything up. What is your favourite way of styling skirts? Let me know ❤️ See you soon! ❤️DSC08759


tshirt- Mango


necklace-by me

Photos: by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Too busy for you



Black dresses are the easiest timesaving decision for anyone who wants to look classy and cute at the same time! You just put the dress on, put some necklace on, shoes and you’re done! 😀

Here I decided to combine this short tight dress with a bit more of a chunky necklace for some detail. DSC08398

As the weather was chilly I threw on a short denim jacket which made the outfit look more casual and perfect for everyday.


(“wasn’t me wasn’t me” 😀 )

See you guys soon! ❤️ I hope you’re having a wonderful full of smiles day! ❤️



dress- shortened and changed by me


Photos: by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Eye Catcher


Hi guys!❤️

Here’s a quick look for a casual walk, with a hint of independence. What I love the most are of course these gorgeous boots I purchased recently!

Cropped jeans, a loose top and leather jacket is a combination that will never go out of style, so don’t be afraid to rock it out! 🙂DSC09277 


What is your favourite outfit for a warm spring day? Let me know ❤️ See you soon!❤️


jeans- cropped by me

leather jacket- April Evil

boots- H&M

necklace- by me

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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The Fox Lady


Hi all ❤️

What do you think about animal prints? They are both Do and Don’t for sure! 😀 This one though is different! Who doesn’t dream of having hundreds of sleeping foxes printed on their dress? 😀


A sweet dress with beige high heels and a leather jacket and you have the perfect date and just casual outfit ❤️ The cute lace neckline removes the need for any other accessory, putting all the emphasis on the pattern.


What does the fox say afterall?

See you soon❤️


dress-Denim CO

leather jacket-Flamantrose Collection

high heels- Tendenz

Photos by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Dots dots dots


Hello again ❤️

Some of you may know that polka dot pattern is my absolute favourite! Honestly, when I walk into a shop my eyes just scan for something with dots! 😀

That is why this dress is absolutely perfect ❤️ The heart-shaped neckline looks so flattering on the body and gives it a girly yet really elegant feel.DSC08300

A light beige cardigan and white sneakers and here you go-the perfect date outfit! ❤️

See you soon! ❤️ (I will try to post once or twice every week so stay tuned!)




dress- H&M

sneakers- Vans

Photos: by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Braids and overalls



Overalls are a piece everyone should own!! So easy to wear, yet totally effortless! And I feel like a little kid wearing them 🙂

This is a really cute one, with 3 white buttons as a detail. The dark blue colour as well as the structure make it perfect for a casual outfit with some sneakers as I decided to style it, as well as a more formal layered with a blazer on top.DSC08534



A perfectly cute summer outfit 🙂 See you soon ❤️



overalls- River Island

sneakers- Nike

bag- Pieces

Photos: by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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It’s all about that black



Black jeans are a must have in every person’s wardrobe and these are one of my faves 🙂
I decided to go all black so I styled them with an interesting crop top and beige high heels.


I also took this vintage leather bag that I got from my mum. I love how classy it looks 🙂


That’s all from me for now! See you guys soon! ❤️


black jeans-Cheap Monday

top- ClockHouse

jacket- H&M

high heels- Tendenz

Photos: by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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Burgundy Lover



I always try to challenge myself, and I could say that the shy me felt 10 times more
confident while wearing this outfit, than ever before! And that’s what fashion’s about right? 🙂

It’s girly yet sexy and a bit mysterious in my eyes! Together with high-heels and a small brown bag you are guaranteed to draw all the attention to you!


That’s all from me for today! See you soon ❤️





cardigan- H&M

skirt- Saint Tropez

boots- Tendenz

Photos: by Michail Bratanov ❤️

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